What Are the Signs of a Hot Water Heater Going Bad?

Telltale Signs to Look Out for

Don’t ignore these telltale signs that your hot water heater is about to go bad, remember these things don’t fix themselves, and generally they only get worse.

Water Temperature

Well, the first, and most obvious thing that you will notice is the temperature of your hot water. If you are used to taking a nice hot bath or shower then for sure you will notice that the water temperature isn’t the same as it usually is.

Of course, this could just be a faulty thermostat or perhaps the thermostat set point has been adjusted accidentally. Check these first and see if it makes any difference to the water temperature.

Water Leaking From The Water Heater

This may seem like an obvious one to look out for but if you spot water coming out of the water heater casing, or from the pipe connections going into or out off the water heater and making a pool of water on the floor then this is an indication of a serious fault and should be addressed immediately.

Your first priority should be to turn off the electric supply to the water heater along with the gas supply if it has one and call in a qualified tradesman to rectify the problem.

A Reduction in Water Flow

If you notice a reduction in water flow or water pressure then this telltale sign should not be ignored in the hope that it will ‘sort itself out‘. What is happening here could possibly be a build-up of sediment in the water heater tank or in the pipework itself.

One thing for sure, is it won’t fix itself and could eventually block up altogether, and you just know that when that happens it’ll be in the middle of winter when you need that hot water heater most of all.

Discoloration of Water and a Bad Smell

This one is easy to spot and hopefully, you’ll have spotted it before you get into the bathtub or get under the showerhead.

Assuming that your cold water faucet is letting clear cold water out and not giving off any oder, then your incoming water supply is not the problem.

Discolored or smelly water coming out of the hot water faucet is often a sign of the water heater tank rusting away and the possibility of a build-up of bacteria in the system. The odor given off is sometimes similar to that of rotten eggs, not pleasant at all!

Don’t let the water discoloration from your hot water faucet get to this stage before you decide to get it fixed, this is way beyond repair and a new water heater is now required.

Strange Sounds Coming from the Water Heater

Most of the time you don’t even notice your water heater working away, keeping you supplied with hot water whenever you want it.

But when you do start to take notice of it, there is probably a good reason. Maybe you have heard strange noises like pops or cracks, creaking or bubbling or even the odd banging sound coming from the tank. This is the water heaters way of telling you that all is not well.

Possible causes could be a build up of sediment or scale in the tank, the water heater element could be failing or perhaps there could be a fault with the thermostat resulting in the water getting hotter than it is supposed to get.

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